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Megan from New Mexico

Megan from New Mexico

Megan from New Mexico


This wife and mom has an amazing transformation story!  From working as a preschool educator for 10 years to being a stay at home mommy dealing with the guilt of wanting to work but not wanting to leave her children.  Megan has been working full time from home for two years now as  a  travel  agent.

Kim from Michigan

Megan from New Mexico

Megan from New Mexico


This professional accountant has been able to travel the world more in the last three years than she has in her in entire life.  Kim is having fun traveling the  world  while  using  Travel Agent Perks & earning extra income booking vacations for her family &  friends.

Derrick from Alabama

Megan from New Mexico

Ron & Erika from Texas


This husband & dad works full  time as an engineer.  He travels with his job often.  He is now able to travel with his family using  the travel  agent  perks  and  discounts.  Derrick has taken full advantage of being able to get paid for his own trips and using the many tax benefits associated with .

Ron & Erika from Texas

Ron & Erika from Texas

Ron & Erika from Texas


This power couple of a retired Army Veteran and a licensed esthetician are parents to five children.    They  own  &  operate  a  catering  business.  Ron  &  Erika  love  to  travel  so  they  decided  to  become  travel  agents  and  now  are enjoying booking travel from home  &  earning  full  time  income.  They love having time freedom to  travel  with  their  family.

Nina From Hawaii

Ron & Erika from Texas

Nina From Hawaii


This  Social Worker turned Travel  Agent  moved to Hawaii from Michigan having to deal with the financial shock of the cost of living decided to book travel from home as a supplementary form of income.  This  wife & mother of 3 resigned from her position with the State of Hawaii & became a full time home based travel agent in 2015.  She has earned top travel commission awards in 2017, 2018 & 2019 and awarded a company diamond  ring  for  being  a six figure income earner.  This  career switch  has changed  her  life.

Do You Love To Travel?



In partnership with Archer Travel Service, Inc.  we have established a home based travel business that is affordable & includes training, sales assistance & dedicated support. Our program has the experience & management to provide a long term program where success is derived from both travel sales & a referral program.  Our Home Based Travel Agent  Program is dedicated to assisting all members succeed through extensive training & support.  Archer Travel Service is rated  A+ with the Better Business Bureau   &  Certified  with over 8,000 active home  based   travel agents working as independent contractors.                       


Want to Have Control Over Your Own Time?

**Work from home or the beach in your own free time. 

**Work full or part time...the choice is YOURS. 

**Have a computer and internet access?  YES?   You are ready to get started.  

**Complete 12  self paced-computer based modules you will earn your Professional Travel Agent Certificate.  

**Book  travel directly with over 133  major vendors and suppliers  for  yourself,  your friends  and  family.


Unlimited FREE Training & Benefits

**FREE daily live travel trainings & webinars which will help you learn how to book travel and market your travel services. 

** FREE training with Major brands, suppliers & vendors also offer live webinars, in person trainings and personalized sessions with travel leaders.

**24/7  Open  Personalized  Booking  engine

**Earn  Free  inside  Cabin  Cruise  for  2  guest  on  Princess,  Norwegian  and  Cunard  Cruiselines  for  completing  travel training.

**Earn  FREE  tickets  to  Disneyland,  Disney  World,  Universal  Studios  and  Sea  World  for  completing  travel  training.

**Take  advantage  of  Travel  Agent  trips  and  discounts


Are you a good fit for us?


A Company at YOUR Service


  • Host  Agency at your service  to  assist  with  your  travel  bookings
  • Professional  Travel  Agent  Certification  Training
  •  80% commission payout 2x’s monthly
  •  A personal sponsor to get you on-boarded, trained and to answer your questions.
  •  Travel client referral program
  •  Errors & omissions Insurance 
  •  Customizable website
  • Automated booking engine
  • Travel  Agent Exclusive Discounts,  Perks & Freebies
  • UNLIMITED  brand & region training  


Become a Certified Brand Ambassador & Enjoy the Benefits

As an Evolution Travel Partner you will have the opportunity to become a certified travel  agent with major brands for FREE. 

*** Benefits for completing  training***

*  Free  ticket  to Disneyland  &  Disney World  Annually

*  Free & discounted tickets to Universal  Studios

*Free ticket to Sea World

*Free inside cabin for cruises on Princess, Cunard & Norwegian 

*Discounted cabins on many other cruise lines

*Discounted Hotel Rooms with Marriott, Hilton and many others

*Discounts  or  air  tickets

*Much MUCH more


Find your Niche, Brand Yourself

Choose what you would like to specialize in.  You can get certified  for  FREE in a specific brand, supplier, vendor or region and earn  perks  and  benefits.    Learn  about  regions  of  the  world  and  vendors  &  brands.   Take  familiarization  trips for  a  discounted rate  or  even  for  FREE  to  learn  more  about  it &  to build your client base.  Your personal sponsor and team will assist you with this.

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